Ashani S Ranathunga

Lecturer in Civil Engineering | Transformative Educator | Waste-to-Wealth Advocate | FHEA 

About me

A highly accomplished lecturer, geotechnical engineer and advocate for transformative education. Recognized for expertise in waste management, carbon sequestration, and soil stabilization. PhD holder from Monash University with an award-winning thesis on carbon dioxide storage in un-mineable coal seams and methane recovery. Passionate about driving sustainable solutions for geotechnical engineering applications. Received prestigious awards, including the OWSD-Elsevier Foundation Award and the Bright Spark Lecturer Award. Was listed as one of the top 100 Asian scientists in 2023. Engaged in reshaping educational experiences through the "10-year Curriculum Redefined Programme" at the University of Leeds. Committed to empowering students from diverse backgrounds to succeed and create positive change.

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Featured in UNESCO's initiatives for gender equality: 2022-2023 report.

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